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Managed Print Services (MPS)What is it?

MPS consists of gaining control of a fleet of printers or copiers with the objectives of:


  • Cost Control – and unmanaged fleet can needlessly consume a significant amount of company revenue
  • Security – provide mobile workers and guests the ability to print easily and securely
  • Sustainability – excess or outdated printers waste electricity, office space and produce unnecessary emissions.
  • Automation – Proactively manage printer problems, supply requests and meter readings with technology to reduce staff involvement.

How can an organization benefit from MPS?

As part of a managed program, the fleet is:

  • Assessed – to determine the current state and a basis for potential improvements
  • Designed – to improve productivity, security, sustainability and reduce the total cost of ownership
  • Improved – to create a higher level of efficiency and meet agreed upon established goals and objectives
  • Monitored and Managed – using technology to proactively identify problems and where ongoing improvements may be suggested