An all-in-one printer, also known as a multifunction printer, can boost your office’s productivity and efficiency. With an all-in-one printer, you no longer have to worry about maintaining multiple pieces of office equipment or finding room to operate them because a singular device can serve multiple purposes, including printing, faxing, copying, and scanning.

Multifunction printers have been around for a while, since the 1990s; but the quality and reliability wasn’t quite there yet when they initially arrived on the market. Additionally, at that time, they were generally cost-prohibitive for what businesses got for their money. However, since then, this has all changed. Today, all-in-one printers are powerful, versatile, and cost-effective for small- and medium-sized businesses, and the high level of quality modern businesses need has arrived.

How Can an All-In-One Printer Benefit Your Business?

The benefits that come with an all-in-one printer are numerous, making it well worth the investment. Here are the top benefits businesses enjoy:

Ease and simplicity of use

Organizations using multiple office equipment devices have to train employees for each device. Once they learn how to use them, they’ll need to navigate back and forth between devices to perform tasks. As you can imagine, this can get convoluted. With a modern all-in-one printer, workers are empowered to perform the tasks they need to with ease and simplicity.  User-friendly touchscreens make operating them even simpler. Multifunctional printers are designed for users to operate them without confusion or intense training; all the functions and correlating commands are located in one place with easy to follow directives.

Takes up less space

Having access to multiple functions within a singular piece of office equipment goes a long way towards reducing clutter and setting up a more efficient workspace. No more worries about finding space to put multiple devices, or the tables or desks required to support them.

No one likes to spend their day walking back and forth to different areas to complete a task. Nor do they want to work in a cluttered space that is disruptive to productivity. The centrality a multifunction printer offers means your office will operate more smoothly and be more aesthetically pleasing as well. These printers come in a variety of styles and sizes, which means you can select one that meets your needs and fits your available space.

Easier to maintain

Maintenance of office equipment can be a hassle, especially when you’ve got multiple devices to maintain and several contracts navigate to ensure your devices remain in tip-top shape. It’s also inevitable you’ll deal with malfunctions and downtime. Using a singular device helps to avoid disruption of productivity in that event because you are dealing with just a single vendor, as well as providing routine preventative maintenance to reduce the likelihood of any device issues.

Less expensive to operate

Operating one device, as opposed to several separate ones, is more cost-effective. While you might pay a little more upfront for a multipurpose device, when you add up how much it costs to purchase or lease and operate each piece of equipment individually, the math typically shows it’s less expensive to rely on one device as opposed to several. Additionally, an extended warranty for your all-in-one printer further adds value, when compared to juggling multiple warranties that are likely shorter in duration.

What Are Some of the Features Available on an All-In-One Printer?

Multifunction printers are powerful and versatile devices that can handle all of your document output needs. Useful features available in modern devices include:

  • Printing. All offices need to print paper documents on some level. Consider how often your employees print and what types of documents or projects are required.
  • Copying. Determine the volume of copying your office does and choose a machine able to perform at that level. Also, consider if you need color copies or the ability to work with different sized documents. Many printers come with the flexibility to fit different needs.
  • Scanning. Scanning is a must in modern offices. With all-in-one printers, you can do this and much more. Not only can you scan paper to transform documents into high-quality digital documents, but you can also load them onto your computer, USB devices, or even save to your server and email them directly from your device.
  • Faxing. Faxing isn’t as common as it once was, but still used often enough where many businesses need access to fax abilities. A multi-function printer provides this capability so you don’t have to purchase a separate fax machine that is only seldomly used.
  • Connection options. Users of all-in-one printers enjoy the wireless and mobile capabilities that come with a machine, making them not only convenient but very efficient. (You can also lose all those unsightly cables!)

If you add up what it would cost to have access to all these functions by purchasing separate machines, chances are you’ll find the investment in one quality multipurpose printer to be far lower.

How to Choose an All-In-One Printer

Before buying or leasing an all-in-one printer, consider the following factors to assess your needs to ensure you’re making the right decision. Things to consider include:

  • Workflow. Most machines are sturdy, fast, and can handle high workloads. If working at a fast-pace and/or in a high-demand environment sounds familiar, look for a machine that can manage your capacity needs.
  • Security. Security is an important factor these days, especially in specific industries. Be sure the machine you buy has the right level of security safeguards you need.
  • Remote work. Today’s workplaces are segmented and this trend will only increase. Look for a machine with remote Wi-Fi and mobile printing capabilities to ensure your employees can print at any time, from anywhere.
  • Versatility. Determining what type of products you need to output will help you choose the right equipment. Consider paper size, type, color, ink type, or any other specs you require, and ensure the machine you choose can meet these demands.

Investing in a multipurpose device will cost more upfront, but the benefits experienced will quickly outweigh the initial costs and, over time, become very cost-effective. Considering buying or leasing an all-in-one printer? To find the right machine for your business’s needs, contact Buckmaster Office Solutions today!