Are you thinking about making the switch to Managed Print Services (MPS) at your place of business? Perhaps you’re looking to cut down on your printing and printing-related costs while improving productivity within your office. Maybe you’re also aiming to reduce your environmental footprint and bolster your data security.

Regardless of your reasoning for selecting an MPS provider, the reality is that choosing the right one for your organization can be difficult. How can you find the provider that best suits your goals and budget with so many options to choose from?

As you begin shopping around, there are some tips worth keeping in mind to help you make your choice with greater confidence.

Do Your Potential Partner’s Billing Methods for Managed Print Services Align with Your Preferences?

More than likely, budget is at the forefront of your priorities. This is where selecting an MPS provider with a billing structure that works with your needs is so important. There is a wide range of billing models, so it’s all about deciding which is right for you. Some providers, for example, offer a fixed model where you’ll be charged a consistent monthly fee for their services. This can be a great choice if you want to avoid any “surprises” or unexpected fees.

Another option is a cost-per-click billing model, where you´re charged for each page. With this model, the amount you pay each month will depend on the number of pages printed; even maintenance and support may be charged per page. This can be an enticing option for businesses whose printing needs vary significantly from one month to the next.

Finally, a transactional billing model involves charging your business based on the services used. For example, you may only be looking for managed printing and copying services. So there’s no need to pay for additional document management solutions that may be rolled into another plan.

Background and Expertise

Another thing to look for in an MPS provider is the company’s background and level of experience. Ideally, you’ll want to find a provider that has worked extensively with businesses in your industry. They will best understand the nuances and inner workings of firms in your field, as well as their specific print service needs.

To find a provider, look for references and third-party reviews. You can learn a lot about them from what past and current clients have to say. You may even want to reach out directly to any references the company provides so you can ask them some more specific questions.

You’ll also want to choose a provider who understands your print management needs may change over time. As your business scales and grows, you cannot expect your needs to remain the same.

What Should You Expect Regarding Customer Service & Additional Service Offerings?

Reliable customer service and skilled technical support are absolute musts when selecting a Managed Print Services provider. Unfortunately, not all providers offer the same level of support your business may need. Ensure that the company you choose will be available and easy to reach when you have questions or concerns. Ideally, you should have a direct phone line to a customer service representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Likewise, be sure to ask about how repair requests or other support issues are handled. You should not have to wait days for support staff to arrive and fix a broken printer or other pieces of equipment. You may even want to choose a provider that can guarantee a quick turnaround on repairs or other support tickets. After all, even a small amount of printer downtime can cost your business a lot of time and money.

Last but not least, consider what other services your company may need and choose a provider that can deliver. Many businesses find it makes more sense to consolidate their vendors as much as possible. This way, there are fewer moving parts and fewer different businesses to work with. Consolidating your vendors can also make invoicing easier, as you’ll only be paying one monthly bill instead of several.

Ready to Choose the Right Managed Print Services Provider?

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind as you shop around for an MPS provider. Still, the time and effort you put into selecting one will pay off when you end up with a company that truly suits your needs and supports your growth.

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