The Digital Age has allowed personal computers, mobile devices, and other forms of information technology to be at our fingertips and used throughout all aspects of our lives. From a business perspective, this has brought increased workflow efficiencies, greater employee productivity rates, larger avenues for internal and external communication, and, arguably, high levels of security for business operations and sensitive information.

With all the benefits technology has brought to the modern workforce, at the end of the day, there are some aspects of a business that cannot be fully digitized. To this end, a high-quality office copier is still a vital piece of equipment needed to ensure a company operates smoothly day-to-day.

Copiers Remain a Valuable Tool for Modern Businesses

You might be sitting there reading this article with the following questions in mind:
“My company is trying to be paper conscious and go all digital, so why is an office copier necessary?”
“My company only prints and copies, so why do I need to invest in something new?”
“My company doesn´t use a copier that much, so why do I need a higher quality model?”

These are all great questions, and the answers lie in whether the following benefits apply to your business situation:

  • While being environmentally aware and cutting down on paper waste are two fantastic mindsets for the modern business, many individuals and other businesses have not made this switch yet. Even though your company has this approach, it doesn´t mean that others do. There are many situations where physical hard copies are needed or requested, and you want to be able to provide a good experience in any situation.
  • Suppose your business still deals with many physical copies from suppliers, vendors, etc. In that case, a high-quality office copier can help you cut down on the need for physical paper storage and filing. Having the correct copier will allow your employees to digitize files quickly, store them efficiently via a cloud-based platform, and share documents internally across teams with ease, no matter where they are located.
  • Depending on your business, physical hard copies of marketing materials, informational materials, training documents, etc., might be a considerable component of your company’s market and customer base. Outsourcing printed materials can cost a pretty penny, but with the right copier, companies can produce high-quality materials in-house for less time and money. Plus, in-house materials allow teams to have more control over the finished product and the end-to-end creative process.

Technological Advancements in Copier Technology Benefit SMBs

SMBs have different needs and growing pains than a larger corporation. The level of investment is not the same, the level of capital is not the same, the level of risk is not the same, and the level of manpower is not the same. However, that does not mean an SMB cannot be efficient, productive, and profitable.

Advancements in technology can help SMBs succeed as they grow. Here are a few main types of copiers for you to consider:

  1. Home-Use Inkjet Copiers

A home-use inkjet typically prints and copies. It uses actual liquid ink, so these machines need individual colored ink cartridges. These printers/copiers are usually found at most electronic stores like BestBuy, but they are also readily available at Costco, Sam’s Club, and even Walmart. Some models cost less than $100 and are a good starting point for an SMB. They are small and usually connect to a computer or laptop device via a cord or wirelessly. Businesses can use different paper types, and many inkjets can also handle photo-level printing.

  1. Multi-Function Laser Copiers

Laser technology differs from inkjet in that a laser printer uses toner and static electricity instead of ink to transfer images and/or text to the paper. With a multifunction setup, these machines are usually not only printers but also copiers and scanners. They are of higher quality, so they are meant to operate at a faster speed, and toner goes further than ink.

Laser printers are also more versatile than inkjets, so a business’s options for print materials and paper documents increase. They are designed to be wireless, and they often have an email setting so documents can be scanned and emailed with a push of a button.

  1. All-In-One Copiers

All-in-one copiers not only print, copy, scan, and fax, but they also provide a vast range of document management options. They are larger machines that also use toner, so they allow for bulk purchasing of materials that last longer than ink cartridges. All-in-ones are designed to be fast and efficient and often have features like stapling, hole punching, and booklet capabilities for printing. These copiers are also wireless.

Companies interested in all-in-one copiers have many options across a range of prices. Factors such as speed, document storage, and printing options start to set machines apart, so businesses can truly make the best decision based on what their company needs.

  1. Commercial Copiers

Commercial copiers are designed for larger, professional situations. They can handle an insane volume of jobs and are often maintained by a third-party provider. This means that companies frequently do not buy these copiers but lease them for a contracted amount of time. Working through a third party also means that these copiers are maintained professionally, and data is analyzed concerning usage, speed, paper waste, and material supply.

These copiers operate at maximum speed while still maintaining a high printing quality.

Why Leasing Copiers Is A Great Option for Sacramento Businesses

Leasing is a fantastic option for businesses in Sacramento that feel a commercial copier is the right choice. Leasing gives you the chance to try something out, so you are not fully invested in one piece of office equipment. Leases are typically on a month-to-month payment cycle. You benefit from a professional service providing maintenance, technical support, and material support, so you do not have to deal with everything in-house.

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