Managed Print Services (MPS) can transform your business in several different ways. With the help of Managed Print Services, your company’s printing and document output needs can be better managed and controlled, which will help you obtain a more accurate budget for your printing needs. MPS can help your business decrease employee downtime, reduce costs, streamline workflows, and improve efficiency.

While a business can benefit enormously from MPS, it’s not a solution that many business owners are familiar with it. If you are looking to decrease your operating budget, streamline employee processes, or simply make your printing and document output more efficient, it might be time for your business to look into Managed Print Services.

With MPS, your business is essentially outsourcing your printing and document management needs. Instead of keeping up with your printer maintenance in-house, a third party will be responsible for maintenance and management. Your vendor would be in charge of keeping up with everything from evaluating your current printers, setting up a schedule for maintenance and repairs, overseeing how frequently the prints are used and how much printing your company actually does. Here are three of the top reasons why businesses utilize Managed Print Services.

Decrease Expenses with Managed Print Services

One of the top reasons businesses turn to Managed Print Services is because they can help reduce the expenses associated with document output services. If you ask a typical company how much they spend on their printing and document output needs a year, they likely can’t give you a firm answer. With MPS, you will learn exactly how much you are spending on printing and can set a budget more accurately. You will also cut down on waste, which will help you decrease your overall printing expenses.

One of the ways that MPS can help you decrease the amount of money spent on printing is by looking at your current imaging fleet and possibly upgrading certain devices. Businesses with archaic printers may spend too much on outdated, hard-to-find consumables and parts or recurring maintenance. Or, an updated printer may be the best option if your company relies on the wrong printer for your workflows, which can be a costly mistake.

Another way that Managed Print Services can help you decrease your printing expenses is by cutting down on waste. If you have multiple printers in your office, how frequently do employees print to the wrong printer and then reprint a document because they cannot find where they sent the first one? Or, how frequently do employees print personal documents on your office printers? MPS can help eliminate this and other types of waste.

Improve Efficiency with MPS

The second reason businesses turn to MPS is because it helps improve efficiency in your office. You are paying your employees to complete a job, and printer issues can hinder them, especially when they could have been avoided.

Take a second to think about how long an employee may stand around trying to unjam a printer or change a toner cartridge. They may even ask multiple employees to help. This can waste 30 minutes of your employees’ time—or more. Managed Print Services helps decrease downtime and ensures your printers are ready to be used when your employees need them.

Lastly, MPS can help improve efficiency by limiting the time employees spend hunting down a document or standing around at a printer. MPS can set up a system that lets your employees know precisely what printer their document was sent to and when the document is done printing. Waiting for items to print is a distraction and a waste of time that can be avoided with Managed Print Services.

Strengthen Security with Managed Print Services

The final reason businesses are turning to Managed Print Services is because it can strengthen data security within an organization. Confidential information left at a printer may be vulnerable to prying eyes. With MPS, you can limit access to specified printed documents by enabling user permissions or passcodes. These security features require the end-user to be at the device to print and retrieve a document, ensuring high-level documents aren’t left on output trays and privacy is maintained.

Many do not realize that printers are hackable machines, and as such, they do not protect their printers as they should. Managed Print Services ensure that this is never a situation that your company finds itself in, with top-level security measures being enacted to protect your fleet by your vendor.

Managed Print Services can be beneficial to many different business types. People are turning to MPS to decrease expenses associated with printing, improve workflow and employee efficiency, and strengthen security. If your business is looking to experience these benefits, MPS can be exactly what you need.

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