Does your company photo include the copier repair person? Is your aging copier out of order more often than it’s working? If you need to upgrade to a more reliable copier and are looking for all the latest, greatest functions without making a huge capital investment, then a copier rental is perfect for your business. A copier rental is the best way to upgrade your device at the lowest cost with the best service.

What is a modern copier?

Modern copiers don’t just make copies. Modern copiers are your printer, scanner, collator, stapler, binder, and fax machine all in one device. Having access to all of these functions from one machine can save you money, space, and labor costs. Modern copiers also offer helpful features such as double-sided printing, also known as duplex printing. The ability to print on both sides of a page, in color, is essential for easily creating things like high-quality flyers and brochures without manual intervention. With a modern copier rental, you won’t have to have your brochures and flyers done at a print shop. You can do them in-house, with your own personnel, on your own schedule, for less.

A modern copier can also have the capacity to fold, collate, staple, punch holes, and bind your documents. Your employees will be freed from the hours they spend on these menial tasks for more productive assignments. You will save hours of labor and your employees can pursue projects that earn your company money. These devices are also more versatile than their predecessors and come with the capacity to print on many kinds of paper stock.

Modern copiers are equipped for easier input as well as more efficient output. Your rental copier will be network-enabled. You can connect to your new rental copier wirelessly over your LAN or by Bluetooth. You can create passwords and security protocols that allow you or your staff to safely access your copier remotely over the internet.

These feature-rich devices also serve as scanners that enable you to create security-enabled PDFs of documents. They may come with character recognition that converts handwritten text into scannable text for easy searches and translation.

Most of us use the internet rather than a fax machine to share documents these days, but you may have instances where you need to fax a document. Your modern copier comes equipped with a secure fax modem that can store faxes it receives even when it is turned off.

When shopping for a new copier, what do you need to ask for to be sure to get the features you need? Modern devices offer a plethora of helpful functions, features, and applications, but every business has slightly different needs and unique workflows. Before choosing a copier, do your homework. Take the time to carefully analyze how you’ll be using your new device and what you will be asking from it. This will put you in a good position to select the device that offers the technology you need and can handle your office’s workload.

No matter which device you choose, your copier rental will provide you with four solid business benefits:

  • You will save space. Instead of having to rely on multiple devices to keep your workflows moving along, you’ll have access to the same functionality in a single device. Pared down to one machine, you can move your copier to its own area where it’s out of the flow of foot traffic and a minimal distraction to your employees.
  • You will cut down on labor. Your employees can get everything done on a single machine instead of needing to operate multiple devices. Not to mention the advanced functionality provided by modern copiers will allow you to eliminate manual repetitive tasks that used to take up hours of employee time.
  • You will have lower operating costs. One device is cheaper than multiple machines, as are the maintenance, upkeep, and repairs.
  • You will have greater control over the printing process. Having access to all of this functionality in-house on your own device eliminates the need to take your jobs elsewhere. Any sensitive data within your documents is more secure when it’s no longer in the hands of someone else’s device.

Why you should consider renting your next copier

As we’ve covered, modern copiers will increase your company’s productivity and boost your bottom line. They boost your bottom line even further when you lease a device instead of buying it. Buying a copier creates a sunk cost. Sure, you can depreciate it and take the deduction on your taxes (and your P & L statement, not always at the same rates). You’ll also have complete control over your machine. The problem is that complete control means that you need a service contract for maintenance, upkeep, and repair to cover your device. After the warranty expires, you are on your own with repair costs. You will need to foot the bill to routine maintenance and any costly fixes you may encounter.

When you take advantage of a copier rental, it’s true that you don’t get a depreciation write-off as when you purchase a device. But your lease includes an all-important repair and maintenance contract, which is of tremendous value. Not only will they be responsible for servicing the device, but since it is your leasing company’s property, they have great incentive to give you excellent service and keep the copier in tip-top shape. You will have access to trained professionals to help keep your device up-and-running to reduce downtime and to quickly resolve any issues that do occur to minimize any impact on your business processes.

Buckmaster Office Solutions has been providing office technology to the Sacramento area since 1958. If your business is looking for a copier rental, we have the models that match your unique needs. Contact us to speak to one of our sales professionals so we can pair you up with the copier rental that maximizes your productivity and bottom line.