Whether at your home or office, the printer is still the primary way to transform your digital files and documentation into hard copies. These handy devices are so universal and necessary that the global revenue for printers and copiers is nearly $10 billion annually. You may be looking to upgrade your tired old printer to a new laser printer. However, with so many options on the market, it can be perplexing when deciding which laser printer is best suited to your specific needs. This article will give you the information you need to select the right laser printer.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Printers?

Laser printers are not the only kind of printer out there that transfer your digital files onto paper. While laser printers may not be as widely used as their inkjet counterparts, they have some significant advantages over their printing rivals.


In contrast to their inkjet peers, laser printers are the more reliable option. Laser printers require far less maintenance to keep them running consistently over time, whereas inkjet printers have many components prone to malfunction. When printer issues arise, it leaves you with no means of printing until it has been repaired. Because they’re less prone to breakdowns, a laser printer offers better reliability to maintain office productivity.


Laser printers use an ingenious mechanism called photographic drums. Essentially, these drums melt the ink onto the paper at lightning speed, giving them a substantial edge in terms of speed. This can be especially useful when you have an abundance of pages to print and don’t want to spend your time standing by the printer waiting.


Although the upfront cost of a laser printer is usually higher than its inkjet equivalents. For instance, the cheapest laser printer is roughly double the price of the most inexpensive inkjet. However, laser printers are the more cost-effective option in the long term. The price per page of a laser printer is roughly half of an inkjet.


Printing quality is vital if you want your prints to look immaculate and professional. A laser is a precision-based piece of equipment. The laser itself is the key component that produces higher-quality graphics and texts for your prints, allowing you to generate sharp and clear prints.

Toner Cartridges

Yet another benefit of choosing a laser printer over an inkjet is the type of cartridges it uses to print the text and graphics onto pages. A traditional inkjet printer uses ink cartridges attached to nozzles that frequently get clogged and need to be cleaned out before you can get back to printing. In comparison, laser printers use toner cartridges. The toner is dry and will not bleed onto your page, whereas ink cartridges are notorious for being guilty of this problem. Toner powder is also more water-resistant than ink, making your documents more resilient to accidental spills. Finally, although toner cartridges are generally more expensive to purchase, they last longer, minimizing the frequency needed for refills.


Laser printers are highly durable and designed to handle heavy-duty usage. This can be especially useful in an office setting where a high volume of printing occurs daily. Once again, its durability will save you maintenance and repair costs over its lifetime.

What Are the Different Options of Laser Printers?

There is a wide variety of laser printers, each meticulously designed for a specific purpose. So, deciding which one is the right fit for you depends on what you will primarily use it for.

Color Laser Printer

The name says it all with this one. Color laser printers can print in a vast spectrum of vibrant colors, utilizing multiple toner cartridges to do so. This makes them the perfect choice if you want to produce high-quality color graphics, documents, presentations, and the like.

Monochrome Laser Printer

While a color laser printer can produce prints in a range of colors, a monochrome laser printer is designed for printing in black and white only. It’s ideal if the majority of your printing needs are text-based. These printers fit perfectly in industries that require hard copies, such as healthcare, law, and education. As a bonus, you won’t have to spend money on color toner cartridges.

Photo Laser Printers

A photo laser printer is explicitly designed to print out the highest quality photos. These are still capable of printing text and images, but this is not their primary purpose, nor should they be the primary reason to purchase one. They utilize hyper-advanced technology to generate vivid and highly detailed photo prints. Furthermore, they’re able to produce premium photo prints at impressively fast speeds.

All-in-One Laser Printer

This type of laser printer is capable of doing far more than just printing. It has several functions to handle multiple home or office needs with one device. For instance, you can print, scan, copy, or even fax on some models. So, you’ll have access to a full suite of office tasks in one convenient and versatile device.

Duplex Laser Printer

If you’re environmentally conscious, this laser printer may be your preferred choice. This printer automatically prints on both sides of the page, saving paper and money.

Wireless Laser Printer

When you purchase a wireless laser printer, you don’t have to do battle with cables constantly. They also give you a great deal of flexibility because all you have to do is connect to a network to seamlessly print from multiple devices without needing physical connections.

Network Laser Printer

Network laser printers are designed to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously by connecting to a local area network (LAN). Therefore, network laser printers are ideal in office environments that have large workforces with heavy printing demands.

Laser-Sharp Technology

Laser printers are fast, reliable, and cost-effective, and they produce high-quality prints for various purposes. However, careful consideration is needed to ensure that a laser printer will do the job you want when selecting it. Fortunately, if you’re in the Sacramento area, you can contact the expert team of professionals at Buckmaster to help you make the correct choice.