There’s no getting around the need for a copier, even as more businesses explore digital alternatives for their office environments. Also referred to as multifunction printers, copiers help enterprises carry out essential processes and workflows by creating, copying, and scanning documents.

You know your Sacramento business needs a copier but buying one outright might not be on the cards for a variety of reasons. Likewise, leasing a copier may not be the best option for your business. That leaves copier rental as the remaining alternative and one that makes the most sense.

Examples of When Copier Rentals Might Make Sense for Your Business

A copier rental is a little different from a typical lease. Instead of a lease period that could last for up to 36 months or even longer, copier rentals offer more flexible terms of up to 12 months.

With a rental, you’re not locked into a long-term contract or bound by a rigid lease agreement. You can turn in your equipment at any time, whether at the conclusion of a project or to upgrade to a more advanced copier.

The vendor handles all the service and maintenance with a copier rental, including parts and consumables like ink and toner. That leaves customers responsible only for supplying the paper, in most cases.

A short-term copier rental makes the most sense in the following scenarios:

  • Short-Term Office Projects – If your business needs an extra copier or two for small projects with short timetables. You’ll save on outsourcing costs and won’t have to worry about penalties or fees for early lease terminations.
  • Conferences and Trade Shows – When guests and prospective customers ask for handouts and other materials, you won’t be at the mercy of the venue´s host or local print shops for your documents. A copier rental lets you print what you need on demand.
  • Training Sessions and Safety Briefings – Whether you’re training new hires or helping employees brush up on safety guidelines, a copier rental makes it easier to hand out materials on demand.
  • Device and Technology Evaluations – Choosing a new copier for your business is no easy feat. A short-term copier rental lets you “test drive” new copier solutions and capabilities without being locked into an unwanted contract or purchasing commitment.
  • Temporary Relocations – If you plan on working from a temporary office space during renovations or while relocating, renting a few copiers makes more sense than leasing or purchasing outright. Once your renovated office reopens or you move into your new location, you won’t have to bring those copiers – or their costs – along for the journey.

Questions to Ask Before Considering Copier Rentals

Here are a few important questions to ask yourself before committing to a copier rental contract:

  • How long do I need the equipment? As mentioned before, rental contracts are usually less than 12 months, making them perfect for short-term projects. Copier rentals are also great if you plan on evaluating new copier technologies for a relatively short period before committing to a lease. If you see yourself needing a copier for more than a year, however, then consider a copier lease instead.
  • What is my business outlook for the near future? Think about what your copier needs may look like a year from now. Copier rentals make sense if your business is experiencing explosive growth and you need to quickly acquire new equipment just to keep up.
  • Is there a good reason to own instead of rent? There are plenty of reasons why you’re better off owning your copiers instead of renting. For instance, your business regularly handles sensitive documents, and the security concerns make copier rentals a hard pass.
  • Am I prepared to back out of a lease? Ending a copier lease early comes with its own set of headaches. For one, early lease termination attracts steep fees and penalties. There  may also be potential legal complications, not to mention jeopardizing existing relationships with important vendors.

Signs You Should Stop Renting and Add a New Copier to Your Fleet

  • You find yourself renewing those rental contracts more often than not. Renting a copier is easy, but it’s just as easy to get addicted to renting equipment when you’re better off with a long-term lease.
  • Those rental contracts are costing more than they’re worth. If your business finds itself in a situation where it becomes less costly to lease or purchase a new copier, then it may be time to give up renting and commit to a new lease contract or purchasing agreement.
  • You’ve finally settled on new copier technology. Copier rentals are great for evaluating new equipment, but once you’ve found the right fit for your office environment, then it’s time to add that copier tech to your fleet for the long run.
  • Your copy volume grows with each passing year. Your business is scaling up with each passing year, but so does the number of documents your copiers handle. At this point, you may want to consider leasing your copiers instead of renting.
  • Security and regulatory compliance issues dominate the picture. Security breaches are on everyone’s minds, and regulatory requirements like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley can make it more advantageous to lease or purchase instead of renting.

To sum things up, copier rentals can be a smart choice for your company, depending on the circumstances. To find out more, contact Buckmaster Office Solutions today and take advantage of a copier rental for your Sacramento business.