When we start talking about the modern office and technology, we’re usually talking about high-tech solutions like managed cloud services, cybersecurity, and those new and emerging trends that change industries every year. Today, however, we’re talking about the unsung hero of offices all over the world: copiers.

The copier is an iconic piece of office tech, and these multifunction devices are still one of the most important pieces of office equipment that you could have in your workplace. Not only can a multifunction copier streamline your company’s workflows, but it can also have some other unexpected benefits for today’s office.

Let’s take a look at the modern version of the classic copier and how it can benefit your business.

What Copiers Made of

Today’s copiers are wonderful technological machines that can tackle countless tasks for you. Rather than clogging your office space up with two or three devices, you can have one that handles all of this work in a single, space-saving device. A copier not only handles copying, as the name would imply, but it can take on a variety of other office-based tasks. Here’s what a modern copier can do for your business.

Copy: No surprises here, but modern copiers still live up to their name. This means that they can copy just about any document you send their way. Modern copiers can handle the granular details and high resolutions demanded by today’s business world.

There are also options for multi-document feeders that allow you to copy entire multi-page documents at once, rather than doing one page at a time. Talk about a time saver!

Print: Even in the digital age, office employees are printing more than ever. Despite the shift towards digital documentation and e-signatures, physical copies are still king in most workplaces. This means that you need a device that can handle complex print jobs, tons of demand, and do it all with an eye towards a greener footprint.

A modern copier can handle all of your printing jobs and get the work done with a fraction of the energy used by yesterday’s machines. This allows you to create the all-important physical documents you need while keeping energy use and related costs down.

Scan: While paper documents are still utilized in the office, storing digital versions of these files is also commonplace in the modern workplace. Thankfully, scanning isn’t what it used to be. Today’s scanners are high-definition machines that can create incredibly accurate copies of documents to be shared and stored electronically.

The modern scanner also offers multi-page and duplex scanning features, meaning you can scan your documents quickly with less manual intervention by employees. Email integration enables users to send a digital version of the scanned document directly from the device.

Fax: Faxing is still a great way to send documents all over the world. It’s widely used to share documents in industries such as healthcare, law, and government. Email has limitations, and not everyone is equipped to handle these technologies. Having faxing capabilities allows you to quickly and efficiently send documents to others without worrying about the security vulnerabilities that come along with email.

Connectivity: This is perhaps the most modern twist on the multifunction copier; these devices are all connected to the internet. You can find copiers with support for USB connections, Ethernet ports, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This means your multifunction copier will seamlessly operate within your modern office.

What Copiers Can Do for Your Company

Today’s copiers offer countless benefits for your business. We’re going to dive right into one of the most unexpected but important perks of having a copier in your office: security. A copier allows you to have total control over where your documents are going. Even the most robust email services can become compromised. If you’re sending highly sensitive documents, sharing a physical copy is one of the safest methods. Your copier can help keep your company’s vital records secure.

Today’s copiers also improve workflows. By having all of your tech located in one device, you can streamline your entire operation. No more running around the office or using multiple machines to complete a task, and you’ll save valuable office space.

Copiers are also a great way to keep your costs under control. One device is more affordable to service, manage, and supply than a network of disconnected and separate machines. You’re consolidating resources, which will always save you money.

All in all, there’s no faster way to boost your business than to upgrade to a multifunction copier.

Choosing the Right Device for Your Business

So, how do you pick the right copier for your company? Start with the basics. What’s your budget, and what are your needs? There are multifunction copiers that fit into every company’s budget. Whether you’ve got endless resources to spend on a device or you’re running a tight ship financially, there’s a machine that meets your needs well within your price range.

The next thing to consider is what features you’ll need in a copier. We have provided a rundown of the basics, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Media types, security features, print volume, print speed, finishing options, and workflow applications are all factors that come into play when picking a new copier. Your choices are endless, so you’ll need to consider what you require from a device to find the perfect match. Speaking with a print professional will prove to be beneficial, as they will be able to educate you about all of these choices and help steer you in the right direction.

Copiers remain a staple of the office for a reason. They can improve workflows and handle jobs that no other tech can take on. If your Sacramento-area company is looking for a single device that can improve efficiency in your business processes, a copier is the solution for you. Contact Buckmaster Office Solutions today to find the device that is right for your office.