Managing an office is a lot of work. You have to organize people and technology in a productive, efficient, and effective way to achieve the office’s goals. If it ever feels like a lot, then you can consider looking to technology for solutions that help with the essentials.

Good solutions improve workflows and productivity as they lower overheads and help you manage and organize information and resources. Three pieces of technology can provide multiple solutions to any office. They are multifunction printers, specialty printers, and document management.

Office Solution 1: Multifunction Printers

A multifunction printer (MFP) is a device that serves several roles. It can print new documents, copy documents, scan, and potentially carry out other functions. Faxing, collating, and document storage are common additional features. With all of these functions, the printer is designed to act as a central hub for document management that lowers total equipment costs while helping with workflows.

How does the MFP accomplish all of this? It provides key benefits that are great for any office setting.

A good MFP saves money. Since one device can serve the role of many, an office can minimize spending on printing equipment. The MFP is fast and robust enough to handle printing for multiple users. This means fewer printers overall. The MFP is also an efficient printer, lowering the cost of ink per page printed.

This can simultaneously help with workflows. Numerous malfunctions can tie up resources and staff in an office with several printers. A centralized MFP is easier to manage and maintain, and it reduces the potential range of printing problems. This frees up IT resources and limits the volume of printing issues that bog down office workflows.

MFPs also provide space savings by enabling the office to get rid of superfluous printing equipment. At the same time, they can easily lower power consumption.

Office Solution 2: Specialized Printing Equipment

While a multifunction device handles general productivity and creates a more efficient environment, specialized printing equipment may offer additional benefits.

A wide format printer is designed to handle print jobs that simply won’t fit in your MFP. They can make posters, banners, and other large objects. High-end wide format printers can print items up to a width of 15 feet. They also enable printing on vinyl and textiles in addition to traditional paper printing.

Having an in-house wide format printer means you don´t have to send the work to a local printer. It lowers turnaround times and increases freedom within the office.

Another specialty printer to consider is a production printer. It is designed for very high volumes, such as printing manuals or booklets. They can typically print anywhere from 60 to 150 pages per minute, enabling your office to produce these high-volume works in surprisingly short amounts of time.

Production printers hold more paper and ink than even advanced MFPs. They are robust, durable and typically handle paper stacking, trimming, punching, and heavy-duty stapling. They also have software that helps with document design and execution.

Office Solution 3: Document Management

Document management provides software solutions that help with productivity and office management. It relies on software to store, catalog, and otherwise manage all documents. The term can apply to basic documents like receipts and tax filings as well as images created by or for the office. Really, it can include anything you want it to, as long as the information can be digitized.

Although there are many types of document management, you can expect a few common benefits whatever you select. For starters, electronic management makes it much easier to find and share documents. When everything is digital, you can use software to browse files and share them instantly across networks.

Software solutions also improve document security. A sound management system will introduce security layers that reduce the risk of any type of data breach or unauthorized access to your documents. Similarly, a robust management system will help with backups and disaster recovery.

Document management can save you a lot of time and money. Computers automate document filling, which saves on labor time. This translates into more efficient spending within the office, so your bottom line benefits twice over.

If any of these office solutions sound promising, get in touch with Buckmaster Office Solutions today. We´ll be more than happy to go over a full range of options that are sure to help your Sacramento business run better.